So You Like Your Indie Rock With Provocative Lyrics And Spine Tingling Acoustic Electronic Rhythm? Well, Good Human, Get You Some Justin Cross Music!!

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Justin Cross Photo

Kebellion Music Blog – “Best new Indie Artist”

Portland Film Festival – “Best Original Music”

Pens Eye View Blog – “Justin Cross is crashing the music scene unlike anything we’ve seen in a long time…

Alternative Addiction – “Badass song”

Justin C. Cross “has found his calling as a passionate provocateur, who mixes the styles of his past, from early 90’s hip hop, to earnest acoustic folk and blues, fearlessly crafting unique songs with honesty. A multi-instrumentalist with a fierce commitment to crafting breakthrough music, he creates a “Mini-movie” style concept with each song, easily shifting genres spanning indie rock, funk, Americana, to blues, soul, and even hip hop. When a fundamentalist upbringing clashes with the rock and roll lifestyle, you get a unique perspective destined to awake your inner critic.

His lyrics have captured the attention of critics around the world and his soulful delivery and knack for melodies make this album the perfect backdrop for that epic road trip or even just an evening when you need to connect with someone who relentlessly pursues his or her passion in life.

For a limited time Justin is giving away free singles from each of his first three EP’s.

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